Nasi Bawean
62 Desker Road
9am-3pm(sunday closed)

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Once upon a time, there was a little boyanese village in Little India. Do u know where is it? It’s near Desker Road around Mustafa centre.. And I found one Sumptious Stomach GROWLing NASI BAWEAN (boyanese rice)landmark near it.

Who says there isnt any DELICOUS MOUTH WATERING SKIN TINGLING Malay rice in Little INDIA?!! Just need to search for it.

Been to most part of Singapore searching for delicous malay dishes like NASI PADANG even to ZION road. But to my SURPRISE , the nearest to home is the BEST! THere is a malay idiom “Semut diseberang nampak , gajah di depan tak nampak (ants across the sea can see but big elephant in front of our eyes cannot see)…something like that?!!

This stall features those rich forgotten bawean dishes. Its specialities are Celok, ASSAM FISH (fish head also available), fried chicken (can taste the spices and YUMMY crispy) , RENDANG succulent meaty juicy meat, asam pedas fresh PARI , ROJAK MELAYU( vegetable/fruit rojak top up with CRUNCHY peanuts!) ,sotong black,ikan bulu ayam (crispy fried Salted fish) and lots more!

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Personal favourites: ROJAK ,asam pedas fish HEAD (red fish HEAD cost about $5-$7 for 2-3 person ), the BEST sambal belacan (fresh cillies and bits of fresh pieces of mangoes).

It’s NOT expensive and they are NOT STINGY.They give large size portions too. The place is a bit cramped. Come early to find SEATS! By 10 am ,people are queing up for lunch time MAKAN (to take-away or eat there). By LUNCH TIME -LONG Q! around 2pm, FINISH!

RATING: Almost 5 STARS maybe 4.999 out of 5 STARS -DIE DIE must TRY !!

@Rowell Road near DESKER Rd too behind LEHAR TANDOORI shop.
Opening hours: 7am till 3am (YESS!!till morning)

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ALL lauk or malay dishes are SEDAAP out of this world taste especially the sambal terung/brinjals (rasa macam dibakar/salai/bbq), RENDANG (taste like bbq/salai/charcoal grill), ayam masak merah (chicken in RED sambal)and lots more!

DRINKS: BIG teh /teh O ICE especially if u ta-pow (taste like the ones u bought at malaysia SEDAAAAP!!)

KUIH2 /Malay pastries : original taste like grandma make eg: Putri SALAT, kuih bakar… TRY the BIG currypuffs, cheap too. 50cents -$1 Potatoes with egg or Sardines chillies with lots of onions.

RATINGS: 4.45 outof 5 STARS. DIE-DIE MUST TRYYY!!(Malaysia kampung-style cooking but with Singapore grade quality food)

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