Ikan ayam2/ chicken2 FISH??!!?

My home cooked dishes for TODAY are: BBQ ikan ayam2 and beef tendon /tetel soup and raw celery and spicy nampla sauce served with hot piping rice!

“Ikan ayam-ayam ” in English meant fish chicken2. It’s taste is similar to chicken. My mum said last time when she was young, her mother bought this fish if they felt like eating chicken cos chicken is costly. They only eat chicken once/twice a year for festive season.

This fish is “Weird” looking and has an sort of “armoured body”. The scales are hard and the bones are big. It’s normally BBQ/fry without/little oil. When choosing this fish, its best to choose a big one. Cause it looks big but the flesh is not that much. It’s white flesh taste YUMMY! If u bbq/bakar, dont remove the skin. The fish skin cannot be eaten even how crispy it is. unless u blend it!(hehe!) But if soup or others ask the fish seller to remove it for u.

I normally wash the fish with vinegar/assam and then just put in hot wok . Fry with little oil and cover it up. Cook till it look like bbq/bakar.

Make the sauce/Dip: take a handful of cili padis and some fish sauce/nampla and a bit of vinegar. Mix them up.

In Geylang Serai market, u can normally see it. 1kg:$2 -$3 In tekka market, so far I have not seen it. But to buy fish, best is to buy at Geylang FRESH and cheap!

For “tetel”: beef tendons -buy at Tekka market 1kg-$4. I like it cause it is CHEWY! And not much fats(request to the seller) but lots of “URAT”. If u boil it in small fire over few hours, the hard tendons will be soft and juicy succulent almost melt in ur mouth. If uwant to eat it fast, u can cook it using ur rice cooker/pressure cooker. CHEAP and GOOD!!

Celery is said to bring down ur blood pressure. Eat it RAW!! or blend it and drink it first in the morning! Also celery has such a high water content, it helps hydrate your body and skin …it’s a GREAT SNACK! Anyway u can google it to find out more!

So that is my homecooked lunch for my family today.

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