How I came to love the veil….

Hmm..the veil, some say head gear, head dress,head scarves, tudung, jilbab…even called “fairing” (yeah the motorbike fairing)whatever it covers our modesty. In fact, I love going out in this “Gear” cos people respect me more. Have u ever seen men “whistled” at a muslimah (of course properly covered not with tight pants or revealing tight tops)? I dont think so..thus it somehows enhance our safety.

Also, If u are observant enough or have the luxury to travel to European countries or similar… U will see that not only Islam woman wears scarves, Other religion do too. Only that they wear in their places of worships or for certain occasions ..So what is the big deal about it? Why do they assume that woman is being opppresed in wearing the veil? Or make a big HOO-HAA over it?

Beauty with beauty within is a total beauty.And when it is wrapped and handled with great care, it will be a TREASURE for a very long time.

Anyway, I have the opportunity to work in a manufacturing plant during my tertiary years as attachment or temp job. I was assigned to “Clean room”. Over there, we have to wear white protective clothing from head to toe to prevent dirt from jeopardising the disks we are making. Anyway, all of us are dressed the same. Only the eyes are shown. When I was there on 1st day, I thought we looked COOL! Very UNIFORM!!

Cause the whole face is covered. We are not able to see each other faces even our mouths are covered. The beauty of it are the eyes that can be seen. They look so beautiful and we tend to concentrate more on each other eyes,voice and all other body languages to get our work done..To me at that moment, everyone is treated equally not just cos u look pretty or ugly.No racism, no sexism, no religionism.. In fact, I dont see any ugly people around in that clean room ,only beautiful people with beautiful eyes. There is “UGLIness” though…

“Ugliness” is how people carry themselves in the way they talk, behave, crude manners seen, dirty jokes heard/told and others…that is my first hand experience on my first day at work.Just to share my “teenage” views..

So all in one, it’s not the outer layer that matters but more on the inner layer within ourselves that REALLY need to be BEAUTIFY…It’s true first impression is from the external view but how long can the “pretty external 1st impression” last if it is complemented by bad manners or from a wicked heart.

Anyway, there is this fascinating interview from a reporter who was a non-muslim and was captured by the TALIBAN…
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2 thoughts on “How I came to love the veil….”

    1. Currently I don’t. I only wear it when going Mosques, Muslim events, to recite Quran and such. I’ve changed drastically and I’m still experimenting with my life. Whether people like it or not, this is the current me. I may choose to wear it again, later, who knows. Whatever choices you wish to decide, always follow your heart. Who are you doing it for? Are you happy doing it? At the end of the day… the one being you, is still you… not others who just criticise you from afar judging you thru their eyes. May you be guided by the Divine. Love, Lina.

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