Bismillah Biryani Restaurant
50 Dunlop Street
Singapore 209379
11am to 10.30pm daily

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HOTTEST pedaas (spicy)..briyani rice I ever tasted!
The name is BISMILLAH BIRYANI. The shop’s sign board state that it is S’pore Best DUM BRIYANI…and thus we tried it!It is situated at Perak Road near SHENG SHIONG. Quite secluded actually. I found it by chance while we were scouring the little India’s tiny paths.

The Briyani is YUMMIEST!! Delicious like the briyani normally in weddings. The mutton (although is hidden in picture) is actually quite a mouthful! Very succulent and very spicylicious. WARNING: The rice itself is very PEDAS (cili hot!!) Try a spoonful first before a fistful. HEHE!!

U can eat with or without the curry gravy. The rice plus the mutton itself is delicious enough.Cost about $5. We went there on lunch time sunday. Plain white rice and other dishes are available too..

I’ve tried many briyani in little india and tekka and mustafa centre area there but this is the most SPICIEST briyani rice I ever tasted!4 out of 5 stars! a MUST-TRY!

Updated: This shop is no longer around.
New location?

3020 Ubi Avenue 2
#02-147 Singapore 408896


Has always been a FAN of NAAZREEN Briyani RICE. But in the past, I thought it was expensive (about $4.50/$5)and the meat is small. The rice itself is DELICIOUS cause it smelled like charcoal-cooked. YUMMY! And when ta-pow(takeaway) I felt a bit disappointed.

BUT lately, it HAS IMPROVED! The price has dropped to $3.50 and the meat is BIGGER. The quality is the SAME,DELICIOUS!) pls note: The meat I’m referring to is MUTTON meat. I seldom eat chicken briyani only certain shops that specialised in it.

So from the Previous 4 star, I give 4.5 STARS out of 5. A MUST-TRY!

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  1. Hi Puteri, i was so craving for briyani.. i went to search in here and decided to go to Bismillah Briyani yesterday… indeed the briyani was superb… we really enjoyed it to the max… thanks for recommending..

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