Alhamdulillah, received many letters and words of motivations since earliest days…of writing this blog.

When I first started out, no one knew that I blog. I do it discreetly. Y’know when writing a diary/journal, U dont broadcast to the world that u wrote a diary.For sure, ur pesky lil brother will come and search for it and read it when u are not around.

Till one day, I realised the direction that Im going, to concentrate on HALAL food and that the blog became a popular hit , I eventually inform my parents.And they do the spreading word of mouth or emails for me…even to my close buddies. (I didnt know that!).I just wanna stay anonymous as long as possible.

Slowly, this blog is evolving and it progress further and further…I hope, eventually I am able to travel to every part of the world and uncover more HALAL spots and get to learn lots from all over the world…insya-Allah one day, i believe it is possible, insya-Allah it will be a dream come true.

Alhamdulillah…I thank God for everything and especially for this opportunity,my close family members for being the “victims” in this eating escapades n xperiences and not forgetting my parents for believing in me and spreading its URL like wild fire,strangers who became my makan kakis/buddies and even spies….magazines/media for publishing about me and my humble blog and those readers/fans who read it publicly or discreetly or anonymously…..and especially with those whom I have a certain connection because of the food passion and bottomless pits tummies hehehe!…do continue giving me your motivational comments and recommendations. Mere THANK YOUs cannot describe my gratitudes….its way beyond words cause I never expect this to be more than just a blog , Alhamdulillah…

I hope u enjoy reading the blog as much as I enjoy typing/writing it…

Insya-Allah below are some letters of positivity and motivations that I received hopefully, it will open ur mind and believe that “Nothing is impossible”.And do pass on these positive vibes…

1)Great job! I am a fan of your site as I find it useful for me as I will be working in Singapore very soon and get me familiarized with the area.

2)Dear Ms,
I have been an avid follower of your site and I have to say, it’s been one the best halal site I have ever gone into. It’s been tantalising, curiosity-arousing and mouth-watering experience, to say the truth.

Keep up the Great Work! I am pleased to see that you have gone bigger.Thanks.


3) Assalamualaikum Sister Putri Berendam,

First and foremost I would like to wholehaeartedly thank you for your sincere efforts to expose Halal food in Singapore. When I found your website through Google, it was like a dream come thrue when I could read reviews of the great food available there. May Allah reward you for your efforts.
PS if you don’t get to reply in time, don’t worry, as your blog has a lot of great info already. Thanks a lot.

4) Hi Kak Putri,

First of all, let me intro myself. My name is Dilah and I love to refer to your makan blog whenever Im deciding for a place to eat with my friends and family. The reason I’m writing in is to get good recommendations of eating place from you?personally apart from?reading from your blog…..

5)Hello Kak Putri! My name is Nurhijanah and i’m a frequent visitor of your blog. Thank you for writing all the reviews and for recommending great halal food to me. thks.

6) Hi Putri,

I am a great fan of your website as i could know where to bring my muslim pals for meals. I do not know if you have tried the food at Southern Thai cuisine along Arab St.It is next to Islamic.

We went in without being welcomed. That was not an issue as we kind of expected from the decor of the restaurant. The owner ( i suppose the bald malay guy) knew that we were dining in but made no attempt to give us any menu. He was apparently entertaining two of the diners at the next table(prolly his friends). The menu was only given after 5min by a malay auntie.

The dishes are typically the ones that you would get from the street stalls in Krabi or Phuket. Nothing special. Dishes are priced from $5 for small, $8 medium and $12 large.
We ordered pad thai and padrik rice. The lemongrass drinks were served first.It was not to our liking as it was really sweet.

The first dish came 20 min later and it was a sheer disappoinment.The padrick rice consisted of 2 thin slices of cuttlefish, 4 cauliflowers, lots of onion and chillies and two tiny prawns in soya sauce. It was cold and that was not what Padrick should be.

The pad thai was served 10 minutes later. It was greasy and has a bad aftertaste. It was not garnish and unappetising. The spicy fried cuttlefish is a wannabe calamari. We ate about 3 spoonful and decided to leave.

I regretted dining in at the place. Stalls in West Coast selling similar dishes or hawker stalls in other locations are more appetising,tastier and worth buying.

Service at Southern Thai cuisine is poor and for the same price , Putri would have a better deal at J’s Wok (though it is quite a distance) or you rather go to Mackenzie, for a proper meal.

If i could turn back the time, I would eat at Wisvry , Islamic or Warung Lele. Regretted spending our money at the restaurant.

Service:Poor [unattentive from the time you sit in to payment, tremendously long waiting time for food]

Food:You can just forget it.

Kit Lee

7)from: Mr and Mrs Saimima

Hi putri..

We like your blog..

we have tried some of your suggestion and thank you for helping us finding good halal food in Singapore. especially Tang Tea House!!! Looking forward for new halal food..

8) Salaam. Hello. I don’t even know why am I writing this to you but I really salute you and other muslim people living in Singapore. It is a very tough job in search for halal foods around. So far I’ve been stuffing myself and my husband with Burger King. lol. I’m staying at Hotel Royal @ Queens and one ‘devastating’ story was when we asked the hotel ppl and they confirmed us that the food here is halal. So we ordered in Nasi Goreng. This morning we went down for our free breakfast (last few days we didn’t bcos we doubt the halalness). So we had a quick round to see the food available and it was a shock to us when we saw the label ‘Braised Pork’. There goes all one plate of Nasi Goreng. sighs. Can you imagine? The wok/plate/spoon and such? sighs. And that reminds me of the food we had at the food court in Bugis Junction… they all share same plate, I think.

This is the only thing that I can whine about being in Singapore. The rest alhamdulillah nothing to complain about. Anway, I think you may not have time to reply my email last time, it’s okay. Til next time. Assalamualaikum.
– S.

9)Hi Putri Berendam

I always refer to your blog whenever I am finding places to dine out. Keep the good work.

I would like to recommend you to a restaurant located in NUS which serves authentic Chinese cuisine. It is HALAL-certified. It is rare gem to find such halal chinese cuisine in Singapore. The food is very good. Other than Chinese, it serves also Asian and western food.

As it is going to be CNY soon, maybe you can go to this restaurant to “lohei” with your colleagues and friends.

Please click on the website

Hope you will enjoy the food.

Best Regards

10)from: Ajeet

Greetings from Taiwan. Great site and lovely photos. All the food there makes me hungry. I will definitely use your site as a guide for good Malay food during my next trip to Singapore.

11) from :specs

oooo..I agree with u abt de CRABS!! its reali worth it! and de portion of de seafood BIG! I like!! Yummie!!

12) Hi!
Really appreciate your input. Thanks!

Btw, i came across your blog when i was looking for halal seafood restaurants. Been reading through your blog and i think it’s a job well done. Hope you con’t as long as you can. Thanks! 🙂

Faisal Al-Yahya

13) excited dapat your reply ni. hehehehe mcm berbual dengan star! 😛 my husband yang selalu bawa i pergi makan, and everytime on the way to the restaurant i’ll ask him “how do you know it’s halal?” and as usual he’ll say “i see from puteri berendam website” eeheheheheh. 😀 i sure will spread around the words just like how he did. 😉

Hans to Hanis tu made me confused instead of trying to make ppl not get confuse. so where’s the Hanis shop now?

Sofra is posh sikit (sikit je tak sangat), Anatolia is not posh. That makes posh halal certified middle-eastern dining very limited. Have you tried Moroccan Cafe opposite Masjid Sultan? Cheap yet not bad tasting.

thanks for the reply ye. 🙂 delighted to hear from you.

14) from she went on and on ..
hi putri!

love your blog, always make me hungry looking at your pics, thus making me wanting to go out and try 😀
thank you so much!
continue flogging!

15)Dear putri,
Thank you for your information.
So nice of you. May god bless you.
I hav question for you.
Sorry, if to many and my english not so good.
Please help me ^_^

I will stay at New Seven Storey Hotel near Bugis MRT for 3 days.We will go to Singapore by backpacker & planning to use MRT & Bus. It’s my second time to Singapore, but for the first time i don’t have chance to try singapore local food. Just eat Mc D & Burger King coz we affraid it’s not halal.

Ms Nandin

16) from :faizzohri

was browsing thorugh and found ur blog…
wonderful. this post very helpful as going to holland next month or so. which part of holland is this?

17) from: Beau Lotus

Must say that this list is helpful as no need to crack head when eating out with Muslim friends in Singapore.

Didn’t know that there is so much Halah Chinese etc food on the island.

By the way, you can really eat, and all over the island too, just reading your posts I am full already (maybe this would be a good way to finally get to diet).

18) from Tuan Rumah

excellence posts.. love it.. any chance halal guide to Thailand? Bangkok? Chiang Mai etc?

19) from: zul
first time to your blog. instant legend. its right up there in my favourites. below islamonline such a service you’re providing. gd stuff, hope to be updated. selamat berpuasa

20) from :Nur
Gawd I soooooooo love your website! *drools*

21) from :Madeline

I enjoy reading your blog

22) from :Linn

Great blog! Nice to know someone is doing this and we will all know where to go for good food!Thanks Sis!

23) from: perutkosong

Alhamdulillah. carilah lagik HALAL food..jgn lupa baca bismllah

24) from: psycheGal
Ijust got HUNGRY looking @ ur blog. Great JOB!

25) from
Assalamualaikum tuan putri,
i was wondering when u will grace us with your presence.

26)from Dali:
Hi Putri, I am now hungry seeing those nice foods you have there. If ever I pass by Singapore you can be sure I’ll pass over. Thanks for the delicious pictures…Cheers !

27) from: nytowl

tq 4 all d useful info. I only jz hapen to stumble acros ur blog.God sent!!! Keep it up!

28)from :sumpittsauber

wow i like it very much…….. so sweet and so hungry can i take some picture of ur to pitt at our forum…. to share with others..

29) from :Yahfiq
Hi.. i like yr website.. i always on look out for halal foods in s’pore and m’sia.. u sure help me lots.. thank you very much for sharing..

30) from :Tini

You know.. because of this post, i actually dragged my fiance to go and eat there and we did!

I loved the fish and chips laah! 🙂

But the best thing is, it’s got an entirely separate section for vegetarians which i like, cuz i have friends who are vegetarians and now we’ve got new places to explore!

Thanks Kak!

31) from:sassychix

I LOVE ur blog! TOTALLY helps us out 🙂

32) from: mummyji
Keep up the good work, Putri!
I was about to write off the halal food scene in singapore as totally disappointing, til I chanced upon your blog today.
Thought it was virtually impossible to get halal duck rice in singapore, short of roasting duck myself (Just bought a frozen duck from mustapha’s – only place i know which stocks it)…
shall be popping by your blog often..
I’m also gonna hunt down the dendeng house- it’s CNY time and I want my “bak kwa”!

33) from: wahafiz
Dear Putri,

It’s nice to have such a halal food blog such as yours. I’m sure lot of muslims will use this as their referrence for eatery. Thank you for your priceless effort in putting up a comprehensive info for halal food.

Anyhow I’m a Malaysian muslim, currently assigned to train and work in S’pore (at Orchard Road) for six weeks and until now couldn’t find much of halal food offerings here.

Could you give me suggestions on where to find good halal food coz I’m beginning to get bored of consuming fastfood almost everyday.

34) Salam putri…

i came upon ure blog by accident while searching for halal foods.. i love ure blog so much… may Allah blessed u with good health to continue this journey… i never knew there’s so much halal food of all types here in singapore… and i came upon this blog of ures… kelong seafood dated August 2007 and i would like the address… thankies so much…


35) from: Shaz & Aidil “:

oh my!!! great post. the turtle egg photos will most likely send aidil drooling. he loves turtle eggs!
– shaz

36) Yummyumkins Cupcakes & Muffins

thank you so much for adding us!!!! really appreciate it PUTRI!!! muaksz muaksz!

37) from: Jazimah
Hi Putri!
Loved what you’re doing here – your food excapades!
I strongly recommend everyone to visit the Muslims in China, especially those in the rural areas. Makes you appreciate what you’ve got here in S’pore. Had the opportunity to visit Yunnan 2 Aidiladhas ago with Sister Mariah Mah ( and was really touched by what I see there!

38) from :RAYGRAPHER

Hi… i think we have something in common. Food hunters. But credits to you for being more proactive. Seems that you have uncover more eating paradise than me. Keep it up. Cool blog! Btw, stumble on two kelong dining that you had uncovered. Care to share? Thanks!

39)From Mat Saleh
Assalamualaikum, hi putri, i’ve been reading your blog for quite sometime and i MUST agree it is verrry helpful in my questto look for Halal food. anyway your post, Kelong Seafood lunch in Johor Statehave moved me to bring my family there. now i amcontemplating on planning them to a nice, not-too-far,by the kelong place to eat. a place that is provennice and not a rip off especially when they see Sgvehicles. i know you got a few places under your belt, so if youdon’t mind can share them with me?….oh, and thedirections there too please 🙂

40)from hyda Nurhida

Thanks so much for the valued info!Appreciate it lots.BTW,u only have blog ke?Any multiply where you shared your food hunting?

41)from melayudilondon
Hallo, love your blog! Too bad I didn’t come across it before you were in London. Kalau tak boleh saya recommend a lot of makan places to eat in London.Next time you are at Aspirasi, try their nasi goreng kerang. Power gedebak!

42) from: lola
Hi there..btw i love reading ur blog just like the way i love to eat 🙂

43) from :Jenz

I love your blog it is so hard for me to search for nice halah fd. But not to worry keke now i will always visit your blog.
Can you advise the address for of Bahulu Warisan & strawberry park as i would like to try it with my family?
They simply love it.

44) Libertas

Hi Putri!

I been wanting to post a comment but could not find a more appropriate post! Anyway, your blog is now my go to blog for halal food! I must thank you for all the interesting bits of information about food and places, destroying the belief that there is no good halal food all around Singapore!

Looking forward to new food reviews in the near future!

45) Hi Puteri,
I’m an Assistant Producer for the show FYI ( airing every Friday 8.30pm on Suria).The producers of FYI would like to invite you to give a ‘nasi lemak’ tour. Is there any way that I can contact you and we can discuss about this? Please email me Hope to hear from you soon, Thanks!

46) hello,
i am deniz,from turkey.i want to ask that, is teriyaki halal?
i learn to make teriyaki from an alcohol drink and soya sauce.but i like teriyaki so much.

thanks for answer right now.

47) from : Nora
Caya lah Puteri!
I love your food postings. Keep them up.

48) Assalamualaikum Putri,

My name is Hazelinda. I came upon your blog when I had exhausted all the avenues to search for something different yet halal for my egyptians clients.

Thank you so much for the enormous information that is available in your blog.

it really helps me a lot. Now whenever I had clients that requested for halal food, I just click onto your blog and voila! the search ends there.

thank you so much for all the information.

Best Regards,

49) Hi Putri,

Hope you are in good health. Great to get your reply. No matter whether or not you are good in giving directions, your input is greatly appreciated. I try to make my way there, Insya Allah. Anyway, keep up the good work of maintaining your excellent blog.


50) Kak putri,
I am an avid fan of yours n thanks for the wonderful places that u’d posted on ur blog. Simply yummylicious!!I

I need a favour, please, do you know of any international buffet in JB? if takde pun tell me where can i eat nice grilled seafood like ikan pari bakar with sambal etc.

Please coz i am going this weekend.

Thanks n best regrads

51) Dear Kak Putri

I’ve been reading your blog for sometime. Very informative and allows me to let my non-muslim friends to enjoy meals together with me.

Insya-Allah, I think your style of writing can make you a prominent food blogger. 🙂 You are the first to really focus on halal food which is really useful for Muslim community not just in Singapore, but in Asia.

Salam Mesra

52)from Mdm Haryati
Hello sis..

I’ve been reading your blog with much interest. The photos n info on makan u input are so interesting. Keep it up sis!

I have an enquiry (since u r the makan places expert! hehe..).
Do u know of any halal restaurants that provide yu sheng during this CNY period? Would appreciate if u can share any info. Many thanks!

53) hi there,
I am a big fan of your blog…. pasal makan mestilah fan. your road trip also was quite informative esp with the gps coordination given. is there any chance that u can organise something of a road trip? I was thinking of driving up to hatyai but need to get more info on procedures coming in via their checkpoint. would be good to see all putri-berendam’s fans driving up north in convoy.


53)And those were involved in this lil project of mine… (alhamdulillah) JazakallahuKhair.
p.s: Insya-Allah these are some of the positive letters received from both emails and comments page…I’m not able to publish all,Sorry….

Thank you for all the wonderful motivating letters from the heart. Keep on sending them, people, it warms my heart…Thanks.

Have a yummilicious day!

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  1. Seriously you should just review typical malay food, you don't have the palate for other foods. I am a Eurasian chef who is muslim via marriage. I took your advice on Lor Ah Soo chicken chop. It was a disaster. The soup was cheap stuff and all powder mixed with hot water. I am NEVER taking your advise again.

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