1)What is HALAL??

‘Halal’ is an Arabic word which means lawful or allowable. Any food or drink which falls under this category is permitted for consumption. Most food and drinks are considered Halal unless they are stated clearly in the Holy Quran and Hadith as forbidden or non-Halal

According to these guidelines gathered from the Qu’ran, Muslim followers cannot consume the following:
-pork or pork by products (boar,pig,swine)
-animals that were dead prior to slaughtering
-animals not slaughtered properly or not slaughtered in the name of Allah
-blood and blood by products
-carnivorous animals
-birds of prey

2)Why am I so into HALAL food?

As a muslim, it is obligatory to eat HALAL food. I believe that the food we eat will go straight to our heart just like good food nourishes the body, HALAL food nourishes the mind, body and soul.It somehow mould our character and akhlak. As the saying goes” WE ARE WHAT WE
EAT” is true in some aspects.But that is my personal opinion… If u want to know why Muslims eat HALAL, the big Y, scroll down for more answers..

3)How do u know whether the food is HALAL?

For me, to find HALAL food, I look for the HALAL logos (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and Indonesia) in all products and HALAL certificates in all establishments (unless it is muslim owned) or if I have to, I just look at the ingredients. For me if it is vegetarian and has no alcoholic content is ok.But preservatives and those ingredients with E… please check with MUIS (Singapore Islamic Organisation/Government body) list of ingredients. But again, please do ur own research, ur body ur responsibility

4)Is it easy to find HALAL food in Singapore and neighbouring countries that are not muslim dominated countries?.
I am thankful that though Singapore is not a muslim country, there is an abundance of HALAL food or products around. But there were not much HALAL awareness and HALAL food blogs in Singapore on the net. So I took this responsibility to do a community service not only for the muslims but for all races and religions so that we can have a yummilicious eating time together. This blog is to educate and inform of HALAL FOOD establishments to all. And not forgetting the muslims tourists, I hope it can be a useful tool/portal for them when they visit Singapore and neighbouring countries. So far in my travels from Asia to Europe, I realised that there are many HALAL food stalls and products around. You just need to do some research before u go travel. The best bet is to find the mosques in that countries and insya-Allah , the HALAL food will be nearby…in close proximity to the mosques.

5) Is Halal slaughtering humane?

It is one of the most HUMANE way of slaughtering animals….
Check this out for more info !

For more information on HALAL/NON-HALAL preservatives:
check this out…(pdf file)

6)Are the Non-Muslims filthy/dirty? (Are the Kafirs Nagis/najis?)

Previously one of this blog visitor has mentioned to me that “kafirs are najis” thus have to avoid food served by them to ensure HALAL, in fact, he/she asked me to check my basics..and so I did… I refer the questions to MUIS…

Assalamualaikum an acquaintance recently told me this sentences which I do not understand and I hope you can help shed some light to the statement.

The sentence is “Non-muslim are nagis and thus we should not eat food served by them.” …I thought by following the MUIS HALAL guidelines and go to stalls that have HALAL certification is enough for me but i could be wrong. Is what he/she said true?

Are muslims only allowed to eat food served by muslims? If so, why HALAL certification needed? What does he/she meant by non-muslim nagis/najis?

Najis meaning if we touched them, we must “sertu” (washed with soiled water) or if we have ablution /wudhu and touch the non-muslim even of same sex, our wudhu will be batal/not valid? Is it another mazhab or…? I hope you can clarify for me. thank you very much.

Answer from (personally from MUIS):
In the name of Allah All Loving and All Living
Peace and Blessings be upon Sayyidina Muhammad and his beloved family.

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Dear Ms Putri,
We would like to applaud for your kind effort for turning to us for such uncertainty matters pertaining to our beloved religion.

The statement which brought up by a friend of yours is actually derived from one of the verses from the glorious Holy Quraan which states that the Musyriks (disbelievers) are najis.
But verily, the verse has got nothing to do with their physical body. The term ” najis ” in the Quran refers to their belief. They disbelieve the onenness of Allah S.W.T and thus continue to do syirik.

You can play your role as a Muslim to tell your freind the exact interpretation form this verse.

Islam commands us to consume halal foods. The matter is with the food and not the person whom serving the food. Hence, halal certification is a compulsory thing to ensure its lawful ingredients.

May this clarification assists you.
Should you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to write to us or can give a call from the number stated below.

Allah simply knows the best.
7) How did I go about it? If u want to know how I actually did it, read on ….

Received some comments… and since its not in my email, I cannot reply to it personally so Im gonna publish it here and share it with all of u, ok?

To: Anonymous…

Nice picture.Looks delicious!


8)Can I ask some tips on taking pictures of foods at stalls?

Tips? Err…what kind of tips? Im not a professional but I can try answering insya-Allah. I take many photos for a food or stall and then back home, I took the best ones.I just angled the camera in some comfortable way and shoot it.Never read about photography just whack it the way I think it should be, kinda candid.

9)U took the pictures with slim digital camera or the professional&bulky cameras which the reporters usually use?

Slim one, just a normal digital camera with 4X zoom but recently, bought a 10X zoom.Still testing it out. Tis is mostly for the HALAL cert which is normally hang out at the back of the stall , so out of reached. That is the intention. Still playing with the new camera n trying out. But mostly , I use the normal ones. The bulky ones, I assume it is DSLR, that one I have zero knowledge in in. But Dr Leslie from ieatishootipost.sg is good with that.

10)I plan to take the pictures with the latter ones but was afraid that it’ll be too obvious&what might ppl think abt it.
Dont worry about it, just do it! Act naturally, act as if u are doing it for ur hobby. They wont reprimand u, they feel happy. Just be cool with it.If u are awkward, they will feel it too, then trouble might brew.

11)I am also afraid that the stall owner might not grant me the permission to take pictures of their menu with the price,’cause I am afraid that they might think that I want to gain evidence to complain abt their food.I don’t know.
Yeah that one has to be discreet. Unless u are in US (where anyone can sue u n vice-versa)U got nothing to worry about here.I realised that if I asked permission, they wont allow, so be discreet and take it anyway.

12)So how did you took all those pics?
Did you ask their permissions 1st everytime u went to any stall?
Not really. I dont like to inform them that Im taking their pics for my blog then it wont be casual or candid. I wanna taste the food as it is as from the point of view of most customers. I dont want special treatment or freebies. I paid for all my food.But after the pics, I might give them my card that state the website that their stalls will be featured in. That depends on my mood too. If I find that it is good, I will do that if not, I just leave.

13)Did they ever ask you the reasons why you took all those pics. of their foods?Pls do help & advice me on this.:)

Most are intrigued by my actions. And when they asked I explained. They are happy.And make new friends. If they dont, then I keep mum. It depends. If I find that they are welcoming and warm and very good, I will compliment them and inform what I do after I took the shots (so that they wont give me extra food e.g meat or whatever than normal or “interior decoration” with the food so that it look good or somethin).So basically what u see in my blog is what u gonna get if u visit that place. I just wanna keep in true colours..insya-Allah.

14)I am an avid fan of your blog.
Every pics.you took all looks tantalizing.
I just really2x love it! 🙂
Keep it up! 🙂

Thank u very much for the motivating comments. I love doing what I did and I hope I can share it. if u wanna start it out too. hey, that’s great! Together we can conquer the world of HALAL food or whatever type of food u are interested in and share it with others, yeah?! Great…keep on contributing ur valuable comments and do join my facebook page to share ur pics…or ur blog whatever.. :))

Have a yummilicious day!

15) I’m still confused on why muslims eat HALAL and why…why..why…The big Y..
WHY do MUSLIMS eat HALAL? Read on for more info…

U ARE what U EAT.. (Friday Sermon /Jumaat khutbah in 1999) –Read with an open mind,please…
My dearest congregation, Let me invite you, my fellow congregation, to continue to increase our Taqwa to Allah s.w.t. to do all that He commands and avoid all that He forbids.

My dear brothers, I hope that you have had a good lunch or will be eating your lunch after this. We need food to live. It is something that is important in our lives. But we should be careful of what we eat. What we put inside our bodies will affect our health. It will affect the way we live. It will even affect the way we think.

That is why Allah s.w.t. has commanded us to eat things that are not only halal, but also things that are good for us.

Allah says in Surah Al Baqarah, ayat 168:
Which means: “Oh Mankind! Eat whatever there is on this earth that is halal and good for you. And do not follow the steps of Syaitan. For clearly he is your enemy.”

In this ayat, Allah s.w.t has commanded us to eat food that is halal. He commands us to eat food that follows the laws of Islam. Allah has firmly warned us against following Syaitan¹s sly persuasion to eat things that are haram for us.
My blessed Friday congregation,

As Muslims, we must firmly believe that Allah s.w.t.has created all that exist in this world. We are convinced that Allah s.w.t. knows very well all the benefits or harm of the things He has created. As such, we should equally believe that He is the best judge as to what is good and harmful for us. We should firmly believe that He will make something haram for us only because He knows that they will bring us harm.

Allah s.w.t has made haram for us to eat certain animals and food. This is because Allah knows the harmful effects these animals and food can bring to us if we were to eat them. Yet there are some people who claim that such foods do not have any harmful effects.

But think about it. How much do we really know about the world? How much do we know about the things that exist on this earth. How far into the future can we see? Each day we discover something new about the world and the creations. There are many other undiscovered things that exist which we simply do not know about.

Our knowledge is shallow. The knowledge that Man has is but a drop in the ocean of knowledge that is with Allah s.w.t. As such, how can a group of people really know what is good for us or what is not. Clearly, what Allah has explained in the Quran and through the Prophet Muhammad is the best guidance for us to follow because All Knowledge is with Him.

Firstly, Allah has forbidden us from eating pork. Why? Because the pig is an animal that is disgusting and dirty. Pork is the root cause of numerous illnesses. The JE virus that had spread in our neighbouring countries started from two bacteria that had been mixed in the body of a pig. These bacteria had then become a germ that is dangerous to the human body. The bird flu virus in Hongkong also originated from the pig. Allah has warned us about the pig. And Allah has warned us about eating the meat of a pig. Clearly Allah forbids us from eating pork because He loves us. He made it haram for us because He knows it is bad for us.

A second thing that is forbidden for us is alcohol. Alcohol makes us drunk. We lose consciousness of our surroundings. And we lose consciousness of our own actions when we drink too much alcohol. And things that make us lose consciousness or drunk are certainly haram. This also includes consuming drugs such as heroin, cocaine or ecstasy.

Islam is a religion that is pure. It is a religion that is concerned about Man’s physical and spiritual health. Drugs and alcohol are two things that can destroy Man’s physical and spiritual health. Alcohol affects the way we think. Alcohol can cause the destruction of the heart. Alcohol can deprive our bodies of water to the extent it endangers our bodies. Alcohol is a poison not a cure.

Allah says in surah Al Baqarah verse 219:
Meaning : And they ask you about wine and gambling. Say that in both there are great harm, and there are a few benefits for Man. But the harm far outweighs the benefits.

However, my dear brothers, we now live in an age where drinking alcohol is something that is glamourised. Alcohol has become a status symbol. It is a drink consumed by those in power. Certainly this is a time of trial for Muslims the world over. It is a time when our iman is severely tested. Stay strong, my dear brothers, for those who are able to control their iman from the persuasion of Syaitan – they are the ones who have succeeded. They are the successful ones who are firm in their conviction and iman. They are the ones who have succeeded from following the footsteps of Syaitan.

My fellow Muslims,
As a Muslim, we must be grateful to Allah s.w.t. for giving us the strength to stay away and avoid all that is haram to us. We do not eat pork. And we do not eat meat that has not been slaughtered according to the laws of Islam. We should be grateful to Allah for helping us stay away from drugs and alcohol. When we closely obey these rules, we have already fulfilled the basic level of Allah¹s commands. But my brothers, let us strive to a higher level of iman. Let us strive not only to avoid eating food that is haram, but also to avoid food that is syubah.
Syubah is a state of uncertainty of whether something is halal or haram. Every food which we cannot guarantee as 100% halal is syubah.

For example, a chicken may have been slaughtered according to Islamic rites but it is cooked using utensils that have been used to cook meat that is haram. Or ingredients that are not halal have been added onto it. Or it is being served on plates that had been used to contain food that is haram. All these would make the chicken as a food that is syubhah in nature.

To avoid eating food that is syubah, eat only food which you know are 100% halal. That is, the actual meat, the utensils that are being used to cook the meat, the ingredients that are being used and even the plates that are used to serve the dish are all free from najis or impurities. All these must be checked to ensure that no haram food has spoiled their purity.

My dearest congregation of devout Muslims,
Islam not only asks that you eat halal food but that you also eat food that will be good for your physical and spiritual health.

Allah says in surah Al Baqarah, verse 172:
“O you who believe (in the Oneness of Allah). Eat of the lawful things that we have provided for you and be grateful to Allah if it is indeed He whom you worship.”

Your body is healthy when it receives healthy and nutritious food. As Muslims, we believe that our bodies are our responsibility. Our bodies are a blessing from Allah which we must take care of. As such food that destroy our body should be avoided.

Food that contain high fats, high cholestrol and high sugar have been proven to lead to numerous diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and others. Knowing this, my brothers, how can we continue to consume such food and destroy the precious body that Allah has granted upon us? The Messenger of Allah has guided us to eat wisely. He has taught us not to eat unless we are hungry. He has taught us never to let ourselves eat till we are too full. He has taught us to be moderate in everything that we do including the way we eat.

My dear brothers, the blessed month of Ramadhan will soon come upon us. Ramadhan is a month when we strengthen our spiritual health through our ibadat. It is also a time when we can strengthen our physical health through fasting. Allah s.w.t. has made it compulsory for us to fast for one month in the month of Ramadhan, This is the month that allows your body to take a rest from processing food for the past 11 months that it has eaten. This is the one month when you will fast and allow your bodies to be cleansed from all the impurities and poisons that you have consumed in the year. As such, use this opportunity to strengthen your body and refrain from eating too much when you break your fast.

This is the adab and guidance of Islam. The Muslim community will be a healthy community if we were to follow the ways of our dear Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. We will not belong to the group of persons who suffer from heart diseases if we truly understand the teachings of Islam.

Allah says in Surah Al Anam verse 145:
Say O Muhammad: I find not in that which has been inspired to me anything forbidden to be eaten by one who wishes to eat it, unless it is a dead animal or blood that has poured out, or the flesh of swine, for that surely is impure, or impious meat which is slaughtered as sacrifice for other than Allah. But whosoever is forced by necessity without wilful disobedience, nor transgressing due limits, certainly your Lord in Most Forgiving, Most Merciful.

Derived from :
16. Are the exotic meat that u consumed (e.g horse shoe crabs..) really halal?How about dolphins,whales,sea urchins and turtles?

Thank you for writing in ur concerns.I have referred your questions to a Halal consultant and his answers are:- Whales and dolphins, turtles and sea urchins are halal as long as they are not poisonous. For those endangered species, although halal will not be encouraged.

Ok to have a peace of mind,read on what MUIS correspondent have to say…

“Assalamualaikum Wr Wb,
In the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessing be upon His Messenger.

Dear Putri, thank you for your query. We are heartened by your efforts in strengthening the deen.

1) With regards to the horseshoe crab or better known as king crab or belangkas, the belangkas is permissable or halal, similar to the ruling for crabs, because the belangkas is categorized as an animal in the water domain.

The crab is categorized as an animal living in the water domain. Crabs can live fully in the water, and originate from the water whether it be from salt or fresh water. There is confusion with regards to the permissablity status of the crab because many regard the eating of the crab as non permissable or not halal as it can live in two domains, both land and water. However the crab is halal for consumption as it can actually only live in one domain only, that is the water domain, and not both permanently. It can only go on land for a brief period in time, and depends it’s survival for being primarily in the water. Hence, the crab is halal as long as it is neither poisonous nor dangerous to man. This is the same ruling for the belangkas.

Animals that are considered to be able to live in two domains, land and water, are called amphibians. Some include frogs, toads, salamanders, newts, and caecilians. These are not halal according to the mazhab of Syafii. The crab and belangkas are not under amphibians category.

2) There are several species of animals that can live primarily on land for long periods of time like the penguin or sealion. In this aspect, these animals have to be slaughtered in accordance with Islamic syari’ah before consumption by the Muslim.

May Allah bless you and your family, amin.

17) Before u start criticize…negatively,read my DISCLAIMER :

The food listed here is HALAL to my knowledge and research but I do not vouch 100% for any of its authenticity because that is every MUSLIM’s own responsibility.

I am no” makansutra” nor any food “expert” just a normal person who just LOVE food. What shown in this blog is my “everyday experiences” with local food. I shall not be liable for any disappointments or any stomach churning experiences.Everyone is born with different tongues. What I like doesn’t mean, u will like, thus all food listed here, please taste at your own risk .

Any criticisms shown here, just take it as constructive criticisms and work on it. No grudges or hard feelings will be kept or shown.What i’m doing is to promote HALAL food stalls in and around Singapore, Malaysia and its neighbouring countries… Together we can promote HALAL awareness amongst us (not necessarily muslims only but everyone).

Hope that this blog can promote enjoyable HALAL makan time amongst all races and religion ,young or old thus create friendly interaction amongst us and adds that bond of togetherness anywhere…

Any great YUMMILICIOUS places, please inform yours truly in the comments section. (please use appropriate “friendly” words, no rude remarks or bad vulgarities will be tolerated)

Thank you and Have a GREAT SPLENDIDelicious day!

Just a word of reminder:
Some questions pertaining to the stalls which I cannot answer :e.g its HALAL certificate not displayed/expired or stall name cannot be found in MUIS website…not sure whether it is HALAL and other HALAL certification questions, please direct them to higher authority >>MUIS. So, always read my disclaimer before u start complaining.

I have done my best to ensure its HALAL aunthenticity for my own consumption. And I am just sharing it with you. So I will not bear any responsibility for anything. Your body, your responsibility. Remember this blog is not a MUIS list of HALAL-certified establishments. It’s my blog, my food diary. Respect that…

As for those who have new HALAL eateries/food stalls to introduce, feel free to email me at me@putriberendam.com Please leave me details of the shop’s address (location map if possible),opening hours and days closed, food specialties and whether it is halal-certified or Muslim-owned….

Note:Not all eateries suggested, will be published/reviewed (that will be for me to decide.)Spam, chain letters and anything irrelevant are not welcome, please be considerate. If this privilege is abused, the email account will be deleted. Thank you.

Last but not least….

If u wonder why my language is bad or inappropriate or there are zillions of grammatical mistakes, just remember that this is my blog, its My diary, so I have the right to write it anyway I like…. so respect that…

If it is such a chore to write it and post pictures, I wouldnt want to do it…seriously try it and u know…. It’s not easy….I’m just sharing my experiences….. for one main reason only. I work for nobody, I just do it because of one niat. That’s it…

But u are free to voice out your opinions..no problem. Seriously,I am not referring to anyone in particular, I am just giving a reminder….And I am not mad/angry/sensitive… I just want to write in anyway, anyhow I like, this is not a magazine, if most people can understand, its good enough for me. I often type once and seldom have the time to re-edit. So what u c, is what I type, fresh from the oven….err..keyboard.

Food is a universal language. I don’t need to be a teacher, a professor to write a blog. Anyone can do it!. I’m just only human, I made mistakes, who dont? So dont pick on the small things but focus on the Big picture.. “Dont sweat the small stuff..”

Thank you very much!
Have a yummilicious day, people!

Every day is a blessing,cherish it…
Your body is a treasure, love it…

your body your responsibility…


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