Do u know? Food facts/fiction?

These are some simple rules to take care of your tummy. Or to have a slimmer tummy.

1) Drink 3 sips of water at a time and then pause before the next 3 sips. Do not gulp everything at one go. It’s bad for ur intestines.

2)Always eat ur vegetables and fruits first before ur main meal.

3)Try not to drink when u are eating. Do it 10-30mins after meal. So that u wont dilute the digestive juices.

4) After wake up everyday, selawat and drink plain water to remove toxins in ur body.

5)When eating, please sit down. Try not to lean or lie down or stand up.

6)When eating with ur right hands, suck the leftovers from ur fingers. It is said that ur fingers has elements that can improve ur digestion.

7) Read Surah Quraish on ur food to get berkath and also to prevent any food poisoning or anything that could poison u (by people’s doing i.e black magic or natural cause i.e insecticides on vege, seafood gone bad)

8)30mins -1 hour after ur meal, take a walk.

That’s it for now…

U think for urself whether it is fact or myth. Try it out!

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