The food listed here is HALAL to my knowledge and research but I do not vouch 100% for any of its authenticity because that is every MUSLIM’s responsibility.

I am no” makansutra” nor any food “expert” just a normal person who just LOVE food. What shown in this blog is my “everyday experiences” with local food. I shall not be liable for any disappointments or any stomach churning experiences.Everyone is born with different tongues. What I like doesn’t mean, u will like, thus all food listed here, please taste at your own risk .

Any criticisms shown here, just take it as constructive criticisms and work on it. No grudges or hard feelings will be kept or shown.What i’m doing is to promote HALAL food stalls in and around Singapore, Malaysia and its neighbouring countries… Together we can promote HALAL awareness amongst us (not necessarily muslims only but everyone).

Hope that this blog can promote enjoyable HALAL makan time amongst all races and religion ,young or old thus create friendly interaction amongst us and adds that bond of togetherness anywhere

Any great YUMMILICIOUS places, please inform yours truly in the comments section. (please use appropriate “friendly” words, no rude remarks or bad vulgarities will be tolerated)

Thank you and Have a GREAT SPLENDIDelicious day!

Just a word of reminder:
Some questions pertaining to the stalls which I cannot answer :e.g its HALAL certificate not displayed/expired or stall name cannot be found in MUIS website…not sure whether it is HALAL and other HALAL certification questions, please direct them to higher authority >>
MUIS. So, always read my disclaimer before u start complaining.

I have done my best to ensure its HALAL aunthenticity for my own consumption. And I am just sharing it with you. So I will not bear any responsibility for anything. Your body, your responsibility. Remember this blog is not a MUIS list of HALAL-certified establishments. It’s my blog, my food diary. Respect that…

As for those who have new HALAL eateries/food stalls to introduce, feel free to email me at putri-berendam@hotmail.com. Please leave me details of the shop’s address (location map if possible),opening hours and days closed, food specialties and whether it is halal-certified or Muslim-owned….

Note:Not all eateries suggested, will be published/reviewed (that will be for me to decide.)Spam, chain letters and anything irrelevant are not welcome, please be considerate. If this privilege is abused, the email account will be deleted. Thank you.

Last but not least….

If u wonder why my language is bad or inappropriate or there are zillions of grammatical mistakes, just remember that this is my blog, its My diary, so I have the right to write it anyway I like…. so respect that…

If it is such a chore to write it and post pictures, I wouldnt want to do it…seriously try it and u know…. It’s not easy….I’m just sharing my experiences….. for one main reason only. I work for nobody, I just do it because of one niat. That’s it…

But u are free to voice out your opinions..no problem. Seriously,I am not referring to anyone in particular, I am just giving a reminder….And I am not mad/angry/sensitive… I just want to write in anyway, anyhow I like, this is not a magazine, if most people can understand, its good enough for me. I often type once and seldom have the time to re-edit. So what u c, is what I type, fresh from the oven….err..keyboard.

Food is universal language. I don’t need to be a teacher, a professor to write a blog. Anyone can do it!. I’m just only human, I made mistakes, who dont? So dont pick on the small things but focus on the Big picture..

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18 thoughts on “Disclaimer”

  1. Hi.. i like yr website.. i always on look out for halal foods in s'pore and m'sia.. u sure help me lots.. thank you very much for sharing..

  2. Hi Putri!

    I been wanting to post a comment but could not find a more appropriate post! Anyway, your blog is now my go to blog for halal food! I must thank you for all the interesting bits of information about food and places, destroying the belief that there is no good halal food all around Singapore!

    Looking forward to new food reviews in the near future!

  3. Hi Putri,
    your blog is wonderful. Thanks…enjoy reading them and drool too with your creative expression…..boh tahan!

  4. Hi Putri,

    I had good fun browsing your website and all those yummy food! Your blog is a treasure found. Hehe
    (I link your page to my multiply site…. that ok?)

  5. Hi Putri~
    i stumbled upon ur blog when i googled "Polygonum".
    Lemme tell you, to read about how yummy the ayam goreng and mee soto and nasi padang and sardine puffs are, and to drool at all the wonderful pics you've taken, at 4am in the morning in San Diego,CA, is pure torture; causing major hunger pangs.

    Nonetheless, i really enjoyed ur blog and I can't wait to go back to sg sometime soon and try all the places you've mentioned. Keep writing and taking more yummy food pics! =D

  6. Hello,
    I was at my wits end on where to bring my girlfren on our anniversary but I've decided on a place after reading your blog. Didn't know Singapore got so many halal restaurants. Gr8 job!

  7. Hi Putri,

    My hubby & I really enjoyed your blog. Its full of pictures & information. Keep up the good work. Thank you very niceee…..hehehe

  8. Greetings from Taiwan. Great site and lovely photos. All the food there makes me hungry. I will definitely use your site as a guide for good Malay food during my next trip to Singapore.

  9. Hi putri..

    We like your blog..

    we have tried some of your suggestion and thank you for helping us finding good halal food in Singapore. especially Tang Tea House!!! Looking forward for new halal food..

  10. Thank you all for ur wonderful comments. Very motivating to keep this blog alive…Have a yummilicious day!

    Anonymous-U can link me in ur multiply, no prob.

    Yahfiq-thanks 4 ur support!

    Zaya-Hmm, 4am in CA? Wow! Well, what are u waiting for? Comelah to Singapore, all the food are waiting for U…

    Mr and Mrs Saimima- Hey, I love that place too! Droolz…

    Anonymous-Quack, quack 😛

    JY & galfrend- Happy Anniversary!

    Ajeet- Thanks for visiting. I do wish that i get to travel to Taiwan someday..insya-Allah.

  11. Hi Putri,

    I really like your website. I kinda stumbled into it while surfing halalfoodssingapore.com (or some website like that). My hubby is canadian and he is a muslim convert, it is DIFFICULT to find good halal steak places …tks to you, we found good halal places to eat – keep up the good work!

  12. Maya-Thanks! Well, I do hope u and ur hubby can share with us,ur experience and comments on the steak stalls. I do love a good STEAK too! Grrrr…..

  13. dear putri,
    i was wondering if you have had any experience going to any of the NTUC Foodfare. i realised that the one i went to in AMK Hub and Sembawang MRT, doesnt have any halal stall. And yet when I checkd out the website at http://www.foodfare.com.sg/index.htm , they have a halal cert on the website. If you've been to any, can you share with me, which outlet. Thank you.

  14. I bookmarked your blog! It's so useful… i find that in singapore its such a headache to find halal restaurants that we mostly go to the same ones over and over again… swensens.. mr.prata (or prataplanet, i think the name changed).. macs..kfc..pizzahut..

    thank you so much!

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