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Buffalo cheese anyone?

Watched Jamie Oliver show one morning showing Buffalo mozarella cheese and suddenly, PANG! I had this GREAT craving for BUFFALO cheese. So I just got on a plane and went to Europe in search of buffaloes… heheh!

Buffalo mozarella cheese is white in colour . Like a ball. Cheese is in some sort of liquid. Then when u tear it apart like cotton candy/cottonwool in water. Taste a bit diiferent than typical mozarella. Taste much more rasa LEMAK ..sedap. LOVE IT! Alhamdulillah.Syukur Nikmat. Thank u BUFFALOES! and HEY PRESTO! yummy PIZZAs r created.

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2 thoughts on “Buffalo cheese anyone?”

  1. I'm not so sure, a muslim acquaintance bought for me to try in Europe. In Europe, some Muslim butcher shops will also sell cheese.

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