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2011-2013 The year to seek answers

2013-The year I serve others

2014-Year for me.
A year ago, I was back in Singapore for a while … from my solo world trip. I learnt lots from various wonderful strangers of the world, who ended up being friends (thank you!) but I was restless. I had accomplished one of my BIGGEST dreams; I wanted to cover only 5 countries from various continents but I ended up completing 35 countries..(OMG!) and my mind kept asking me-What’s next? What’s NEXT? what’s next????
I was off radar, slightly “lost” and needed a “direction” in life.
As usual, books are my bff in times like this. I went thru my “library” and saw this book by T. Harv Eker. I read it again and again and then somehow my heart was “open”.

I googled …to find out more information and found out that there would be an event in a few days time (fascinating isnt’it?…just like Jason Mraz coincidental meetup in 2009) . Its called MILLIONAIRE MIND INTENSIVE aka MMI.

I was so “enlightened” by the purple book, that I enrolled as a VIP participant.
I never knew what’s gonna happen but I went with an open heart and mind…. on my own.
In my first MMI…

I met Robert Riopel, T. Harv Eker’s leading trainer…who somehow managed to meet up with me personally one to one and helped me solved one of my biggest challenge at that time.

He was very busy but he took some time to listen to my story and then shared his “gems” of life with me. Nash, his assistant trainer…is another awesome personality who also gave me some advices.


Anyway, the MMI event was fantabulous! Robert really wow-ed me and blew my mind.
I was so inspired that I wanted to follow Robert’s footsteps and so I volunteered to crew. I wanted to be of service to this amazing world as much as I can and learn as much as possible.

Never in my mind, have I ever imagined the awesome chain of events that was about to reveal themselves in my life…

I never thought that I can go, meet and talk to some of the most awe-inspiring people of the world face to face… such as Gerry Robert (I never knew who he was at that time and we talked about chicken rice, family and life..LOL) , Blaire Singer (one of the most respected TEACHER of the world, its my pleasure to be picked as one of the STAR crews to work closely with him and many of his programs in Singapore. He helped me lots with my personal development issues), Sir Richard Branson (WOW! Always heard of his name but to see him walk the talk and upclose and personal… beyond my wildest dream!), Les Brown (again, I have no idea who he was at that time…but he is OMG, so down to earth, a hugger… His words really mirror his heart… Awe-amazing… )

Most of these awesome individuals are super famous, super rich but yet so humble, definite huggers, enlightened warriors, super duper leaders and exceptionally down-to-earth with “abundance mind-set” not just in money but in mind- knowledge and in heart-life as well.
I never choose which event I wanted to go to cos I was busy travelling. But the best part was, it felt like it was all pre-planned perfectly…(Thank you, God) The events that I got involved with, always have something important for me to LEARN and normally coincide well with challenges that I was facing. Thus solutions always present themselves to me in these events. Never failed to inspire, empower and enlighten me.

I have done many things that I never thought I could. I have laughed, cried and fell (OMG!) and get up , dance, perform on stage and have tons of fun in these amazing events with like-minded crew members who actually are success stories, themselves.

Thank you Success Resources :awesome management-Richard, Ken, Lynn, Chloe, Merinda, Dominic, Lucas, Shu Hui), sales (Rana, Betty, Clarissa, Debbie, Lina, Darren, Daryl, etc) and staff and not forgetting those regular crews like Jon n Fei Ling, Dzul, Jack, Tony, My BFF Joanne , bubbly Nicki n Steph, Zaid and also overseas crews esp from Malaysia- Bryan the Photographer aka my tummy buddy, warriors-Kahar, Zaf, Hanif, Maliki, Meor, Song, Angels-Aqilah, Ayesha n my fav GFF Crystl etc… And Indonesian and Philippines crews -Gilda n Renato, Reza n hubby etc… And especially ….the recent Mission to Millions crews…

Yesterday was the last program of the year….Mission to Millions….

Robert was the trainer. I got to meet him and thanked him in person. Always love his high energy and down to earth personality. As usual, he always inspires me with his words of motivations and life experiences. And his lovely wife is also like-minded. They both really compliment each other, well.  

I looked back and WOW…I was very happy that I changed lots and was able to be a part of the awe-amazing team who transform people’s lives thru out the world… Not only friendships were forged, some goes beyond family. No words can ever describe my gratitude. THANK YOU.

My journey…



We are all DRIVERS of different destinations. We are all LEADERS of our lives, our dreams…. But we did many pit stops and met each other.

Love y’all. Each and everyone of you that I met… are my teachers of life.
Thank you…from the bottom of my heart….for being a part of my life’s inspirational stories and empowering memories.

Thank you for being there when I was alone and lost.

May you and your loved ones be blessed with loads of love, happyness, peace and tranquillity alongside good health and wealth and may all your dreams come true easily and effortlessly.

Till we meet again….by then I believed we would have manifested our 3-5 year goals and dreams.

As for my loving fans who have been there for and with me thru out these years, loving me unconditionally regardless of everything and accepting me for who I am….

A big THANK YOU!!!! Flying hugs and kisses…from me.

You are the reason I’m still in this mission vision. Whenever I’m down, tired or faced with challenges… I will always received motivating comments and emails from you unexpectedly which perk me up and kick my butt to go forward with strength and courage. THANK YOU.

My question for you today….

dear awesome raving fans of the world….
What are you doing today, and everyday to manifest your dream?

Remember, everything is definitely POSSIBLE.
And everyone on this earth has a MISSION.
Everyone has a GIFT to give.
We are all GIFTED geniuses.

Be happy, everyday.
That’s your RIGHT.
I love you.

Happy regards,
Lina Masrina.

P.s: Awesome fantabulous photos are from yours truly and courtesy of all the awe-amazing people involved. Thank you SC for the latest MTM photo with Rob!









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