ASPIRASI fried chicken rice

Fried Chicken Rice

This fried rice is fried separately from the chicken. The fried rice is a mixture of fried chicken rice, egg, vegetables, corn and peas and pepper powder. When I was waiting for my order, I saw many order this

This stall serves my FAVOURITE chicken rice (fried chicken). The crispy coated chicken is crunchy outside and tender inside. I also love the sweet chillli sauce that came with it. Only that the old cucumber slices is bitter. Other than that, I am a SATISIFED customer!

fyi-beside the chicken rice stall is an indian muslim stall. The kway teow goreng is SEDAP!!I believe the mee kuah too, cause I saw the thick gravy they were cooking. but no more tummy space to try…

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5 thoughts on “ASPIRASI fried chicken rice”

  1. Hi There! I am a chinese muslim revert desparate for good halal chinese food, or good halal food period, in Spore. Where is the location of this place? taneliz[at] Yasemin

  2. Alhamdulillah. Are u referring to this chicken rice? Well, it is at HARBOUR FRONT MRT, SEAH IMM hawker centre.For the other SHIOK halal chinese food, I will email u, insya-Allah..

  3. melayudilondon

    Hello, love your blog!
    Next time you are at Aspirasi, try their nasi goreng kerang. Power gedebak!

  4. Seah Imm once closed for few months, and thats about 3years ago. After that temp closure, the taste of its Nasi Ayam Sambal at this stall isn’t as tasty as it used to be.

    I used to tapao for my whole family of seven, but after that reopening I dont dare tapao cos my fussy parents insist I buy from that stall that I used to frequent. And since I can’t get the same quality, my answer to them…I don’t have time to go Seah Imm. HA HA..

  5. Hmm, its been a long time since I visited them but a friend ta-powed a packet of nasi penyet and I noticed the new packaging. I dont really like the ayam penyet. Kinda disappontiing for me. I kept asking her “Is this from Aspirasi stall?” So perhaps, I need to refresh my tastebuds with its taste again! They need a revisit. Thanks for commenting!

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